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Do you have boxes, bags, or stacks of family papers and photographs lying neglected in your attic or basement? Do you need help on how to preserve and store them?

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Moment by moment time passes and is gone, but memory can rescue moments and years from oblivion. Saving memories and handing them on preserves the treasures of individual lives to enrich the knowledge and experiences of those who follow. Preserving your memories, experiences, insights, lessons, and values is an irreplaceable gift to those around you now and those to come.

Your memories and knowledge are not only valuable and important because of what they tell about you, but they are a bridge connecting your knowledge of your family’s past to inform present and future generations.

Don’t let these treasures be lost forever! Whether they’re the thoughts in your mind, the family photos gracing the mantle or stuffed in shoeboxes, home movies and videotapes, or a collection of family correspondence, we can help in a variety of ways to preserve your heritage and memories for your grandchildren.

Helpful E-book. Saving Lives: Preserving Your Family History is based on my twenty-five years of experience as an archivist — a person who collects, arranges, and preserves historical records. Learn how to get started turning a hodge-podge of stuff into a family history collection; identify risk factors that threaten the longevity of your collection; find information on how to organize and store papers, photographs, and more.

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Memoirs. Through interviews we can capture your life story and your family reminiscences on audiotape. If you wish, an edited transcript can be produced or the transcript can be further transformed to become a printed reminiscence, illustrated with family photos. You may want to write down your memories or family stories yourself but feel hesitant about your writing skills. Just start writing, and we can help you smooth out the rough spots. Click here for examples of memories.

Ethical wills. These are short documents that allow you to express ideas, values, guidance, insights, personal philosophy, spirituality, hopes for the future, even words of regret or forgiveness. They are usually produced during estate planning or at an important life moment.
Scanning, archiving, and digital repair. We will scan documents and photos, and if necessary digitally repair them, and transfer them to CD or DVD. Selected photos can also be reproduced individually or as a mounted photomontage.
Film and videotape. We can digitize and transfer 16mm, super or regular 8mm films, and videotapes to DVD.
Family or Personal Biography videos. These videos include interviews with or narration by yourself and/or other family members. They also include selected family photos, films, and other memorabilia to tell your story or the story of your family history. We provide custom editing of your materials into an enjoyable photomontage, music video, mini-movie, or documentary that will be a family treasure.
Physical preservation of your family history collection. Are you wondering how to organize and care for your personal and family records? We can demystify the process or even organize and house the records for you.

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Preserving Family History Home E-Book: Saving Lives Contact